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Our Staff

Serving the area for over 20 years.



Nicole keeps everything running smoothly in our salon.  She is the first happy face customers see upon entering Bubbles Away. Nicole knows every customer by name and is excellent at ensuring every client's comfort and satisfaction!

Jayne Gallagher

"My grooming career is my passion. My mentors are the world's top international groomers that teach the most current trends and techniques.  I am able to share this knowledge with all of my customers.  I have been trained for breed profile grooming of many breeds but Asian Fusion is my favorite."

Jayne specializes in Poodle and Bichon grooming. She also loves creating the latest Asian Fusion style on any breed!

Shannon McCarthy

Shannon began her career at the tender age of 13.  The Jersey Shore School of Dogs and Cats required a high school diploma until Shannon entered the school and graduated as the youngest student ever to attend.  Shannon also went on to be the youngest employee to ever manage a grooming salon in the corporate world of pet care.  Her love of animals translates to the beautiful grooms on her devoted clients - especially Shih Tzus!  Shih Tzus and heavily coated large breeds are her specialties, and they come from all over just to see her.

Leslie Clark

Leslie Clark is our veteran groomer with a career that spans over 4 decades.  The amazing thing about Leslie is that she also had an illustrious career as a professional handler of show dogs that she bred and raised into champions.  Leslie specializes in the Sporting Group and her American Cocker Spaniel grooms are spectacular.  We are lucky to work with such a knowledgeable canine professional that loves being a part of our team. 

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Before and after a visit with Leslie.....

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Donovan Gallagher

Donny has been part of the salon team since day one.  He is the welcoming voice that greets everyone on the phone, and the warm smile that welcomes everyone at the door.  Donny is not only a groomer's assistant - he is one of the salon owners.  He has many responsibilities that he handles effortlessly while always showing kindness and compassion to all of our clients.  Donny is the owner of 5 miniature poodles but he loves each and every breed.  

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Laynie Zak

We couldn't be happier here at Bubbles Away to introduce another family member - Laynie Zak. She completed grooming school with flying colors and we knew she had to become part of our staff  Laynie is an accomplished professional who is able to transform the most challenging grooming tasks into gorgeous creations!  We are so lucky to have her.